Movement Foundation with Scott Tate

Movement Foundation with Scott Tate



Advanced personal trainer Scott "Scotty" Tate has created this eight-week course that features his unique focus on mobility, strength and stability. It's all about the quality of movement.

Through Scotty’s “deep practice” method, you’ll gain control of your body from the core out, build a fitness foundation that will make every exercise you do more safe and effective, and gain overall strength that will change your daily life.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of training. Starting with basic movement patterns, you’ll learn proper body postures, progress to dynamic movements and move onto weights and power.

After each one-hour class, students will go home with simple “homework.” Fun but challenging exercises that you can do with nothing more than a floor mat. When the eight weeks are completed you’ll have a deeper understanding of movement, a simple yet sophisticated protocol that you can use to approach every activity and a new toolbox of progressive exercise routines.

Are you ready to be fitter, faster and stronger?

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