Heart Wise Exercise Program

Body + Soul Fitness is a certified Heartwise Exercise provider through the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada.

Heart Wise Exercise was first launched in 2007 in Ottawa to help graduates from the University of Ottawa’s Heart Institute Cardiac Rehab Program, continue the lifestyle changes, including aerobic exercise, that were adopted while attending the hospital-based program.

The Heart Wise Exercise Program enables individuals with cardiovascular disease or at risk for developing cardiovascular disease to exercise in a safe environment with trained exercise leaders.

Heart Wise Exercise Program leaders at Body + Soul Fitness know that everyone’s physical fitness level is different. That is why the Heart Wise Exercise Program allows us to work at an intensity that suits your needs.

Heart Wise Exercise is intended for participants who are interested or concerned about their cardiovascular health.

A Heart Wise Program meets the following six criteria as determined by the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada:

• encourages regular daily aerobic exercise;
• incorporates and encourages warm-up, cool down and self-monitoring;
• exercise sessions allow participants to exercise safely and has options to increase intensity of exercise;
• accepts participants with a known history of cardiac disease - provided they have physician approval,provides health screening;
• has an emergency plan that is documented and known to all exercise leaders, including the requirement of current CPR certification, phone access to EMS;
• and an on site AED.


If you are living with cardiovascular disease or are at risk for developing cardiovascular disease, or other chronic diseases, then contact us today to find out how we can help you start exercising safely so you can live a healthier, active, and more enjoyable life.