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Love The Gym Again

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Our story

We make fitness personal - because it is.

Want to stay healthy, active, and young? Want more energy to chase your kids around? How about a pain-free round of golf or the body of your dreams?

We’ll make it happen with a custom program, a team of trainers and rehab specialists, and all the equipment you’ll need to train effectively. You’ll achieve results faster, and feel more confident, balanced and complete.

We want you to love the gym again. Because if you love it, you’ll come more often. Since 2001, that’s how we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals, and it’s what we want for you.


You’ll feel at home

All of our clubs have been designed with achievement in mind. 

You’ll experience it on the gym floor, in our treatment rooms and locker rooms, and with everyone on our team. For us, it’s about taking every opportunity to motivate you, inspire you and make you feel at home.

Your membership includes access to any Body + Soul Fitness location, locker room and towel service, and exclusive access to workshops, events and speakers.

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The perfect match

The right trainer for you is the one who will help you succeed and have fun while you do it. At Body + Soul Fitness you can contact any one of them directly. Or, you can visit any of our locations for a complimentary consultation and we’ll pair you with a trainer we know will be the best fit based on your health and fitness goals.



Feel stronger. Move more freely. Put pain in the rear-view. From rehab to prehab, our specialists design personalized treatment plans that deliver results. Bring us your worst. We’ve seen and healed just about everything.

We offer Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Soft Tissue Release (STR), Joint Mobilizations, Acupuncture/Dry Needling, Exercise Prescription, Ongoing Education.


Group training

We limit class size for the same reasons we limit membership in our clubs; to improve service, give you more room to work out and to deliver a better experience. Our classes are capped at six people so your instructor can give you the attention you deserve and the results you want.


Start your journey now


We’ll get to know your body and where to target our work so we can build you a unique program. You’ll see results faster and start living the life you want sooner.


We show you what to do, how to do it and why you’re doing it, so you feel just as comfortable working out on your own as you do with a trainer.

Membership + Routine

We make it easy. We only offer month-to-month membership because we want your results and positive experience to be the reason why you come back. Not a contract.


Build the healthy habit of being a 'Regular' at the gym. A workout routine should be enjoyable, sustainable and results-driven. We're here to help you achieve that.


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