Nutrition Case Study: Lab Results Back Up a Gluten Free Diet

By Chris Munro

I had a nutrition client return to me looking for some help to get back on track. She has a history of Hashimoto’s (thyroid condition) and more recent blood work showing some thyroid abnormalities. Her results were significant elevations in Anti-Tg and TPOS, which are antibodies related to the thyroid, as well as a very elevated CRP, a measure of systemic inflammation. This shows her immune system is attacking her thyroid and she is in a very pro-inflammatory state. If left unchecked, this could lead to the destruction of her thyroid gland and an increased risk of many inflammatory based diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

This client had been working with another practitioner where her main treatment plan was focused on supplementation rather than diet changes. Hashimoto’s correlates very highly with gluten sensitivity, so cutting it out completely was vital. Supplements can fill holes in our diet, but food is key to see more significant changes. A diet overhaul such as this can be very difficult. Changing someone’s eating habits this drastically takes a lot of planning and guidance. I helped her by giving her meal options and food lists for eating at home and out, as well as a guide to avoiding foods that have hidden or added gluten.

What were the results? In less than 3 months her Anti-Tg dropped from 71-51 (ref <40) and CRP dropped to <1 (ideal range) from 2.75 (>3 = high risk for heart disease). Her previous supplement focused plan only saw minor changes thyroid antibodies and no change in inflammation, again proving the real healing power of food.

Hannah KovacsComment